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What To Expect From Your African Grey In The First Few Days

April 2, 2024

Are you a proud owner of an African Grey parrot? Congratulations! You have around 30 to 40 years or so of wonderful times with your intelligent pet! However, the wonderful 40 years to come won’t be wonderful at all, if you and your parrot start on the wrong foot from the very beginning.

  • So, what are the things you should expect in the first few days of having your pet inside the house? First, expect your parrot to be cautious around you. This is natural. All African Grey parrots have the tendency to be wary of strangers. When you take one home for the first time, you are a complete stranger to him. You are not the person who used to give him food and water. Don’t expect your parrot to take an instant liking to you. Give him time to know your voice, your face, your scent and all will be well in your home.
  • Second, expect that your parrot won’t obey your commands instantly. This still has something to do with you being a total stranger to your new pet. Just like young kids, African Grey parrots are quite intelligent and are capable of thinking. He just won’t obey somebody he doesn’t know. Be patient and wait for your parrot to learn trusting you. When you gain your parrot’s trust, you also gain the right to give him simple commands to follow.
  • Third, expect that your parrot won’t start saying words as soon as you enter your door. Your African Grey is not an automated toy that you can switch on and off at your pleasure. Your pet is a beautiful creature with a mind of its own. Nobody, not even you, can control the exact time that he will utter words or sounds. Just like trying to make him follow commands, don’t rush it. Wait for your parrot to talk in his own time.
  • Fourth, expect that your African Grey parrot won’t gobble up all the food that you give him. This still has something to do with his trust in you as his new care-provider. Slowly approach your bird in his cage, talk to him in a soothing voice and give him his meal. This could make your pet parrot proceed to his food dish with care but also with trust. However, you should develop a feeding routine with your parrot. Set up a feeding schedule that will be regularly followed so as not to stress-out your pet.
  • Fifth, as your African Grey parrot is in a new environment, expect him t be a bit moody or temperamental. African Grey parrots are naturally wired to be this way. Ignore the moody or temperamental behaviour but praise the positive ones. This will tell your pet that behaving well has its rewards.
  • Sixth, even if your African Grey parrot is new to your home, you have to give him ample time outside his cage to stretch his wings. The physical exercise is good for your pet and the freedom you give him will allow him to check out the entire house to become familiar.

See, the first few days are not as difficult to manage as they seem! You simply have to know what to expect so that you can react appropriately to any situation that may come up with your African Grey parrot.

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