Animal Kingdom has recently revamped its fish department. All the old tanks were broken down and replaced with a more modern and practical 156-tank set-up, allowing us to keep a wide range of cichlid, tropical and coldwater fish for sale.

The fish are either sourced locally or imported directly from overseas.

We stock all the normal varieties, like guppies, mollys, swords, various tetra, gouramies, angels and many more.

You can also find species for the more advanced fish keeper, including puffers, gobies, gibbiceps, oscars, discus, various types of sharks, parrotfish, butterfly fish, ropefish and elephant noses.


On the cichlid side we have tropheus, careulius, frontosa, butterkoferi, compressiceps, mel auratus and others for sale.

Coldwater fish

A large selection of coldwater fish (ideal for children and beginners) completes the range. Goldfish, koi, comets, shubunkin, fantails and lionheads are but a few of those for sale.

Fish accessories

Obviously fish need tanks and Animal Kingdom stocks a range of tanks from goldfish bowls to the more advanced Boyu, RS and AA ranges. Various starter kits are also available.

A very large range of fish accessories, fish food, supplements and fish medication is also available. We stock all the big brands like Tetra, Daro, API, Sera, Rid All and Aqua Master. We also have lights and ballasts, heaters and filters, vacuum pipes and scrapers, and fishnets and peat plates.

Animal Kingdom is continuously on the lookout for better and more effective products and will always strive to deliver quality products at affordable prices.

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