Animal Kingdom is proud that we have a much larger selection of reptiles than your average pet shop.

When available you’ll find reptiles like leopard geckos, veiled chameleons, bearded dragons and iguanas.

Snakes for sale

The snakes we stock include corn snakes, milk snakes, ball pythons, red tail boas, Burmese pythons, carpet pythons, hognoses and kings. When available various morphs can also be found.

Please note:
We do not keep any local snakes at all. Not only is it illegal to keep local snakes without a permit but we also believe that to do so would encourage poachers to remove them from the wild.

We also do not keep venomous snakes as we feel that this poses too much of a risk to our customers and staff. We only keep exotic snakes that were bred in captivity.

Reptile accessories

We have everything you need for you to house and feed reptiles. This includes glass and wooden enclosures, UVB lights of various strengths (depending on the specific reptile), feeding bowls, hides, heat mats, and infrared and basking lights.

Substrates like astroturf, bark, corncob, reptile sand, spaghnum moss and peat are available.

Obviously we also meet all your feeding requirements. Rats, mice, crickets, mealworms and superworms all form part of our regular range. Supplements like calcium powder, mite sprays, cage cleaners and flavour enhancers are also for sale.

Advice for customers outside Gauteng
Customers from areas outside of Gauteng need to familiarise themselves with their province’s specific legislation regarding the keeping of exotic animals. What is legal in Gauteng is not necessarily allowed in the Western Cape or other provinces.

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