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Frequently Asked Questions

Returns, Refunds & Shipping

Return of products in terms of cooling-off period.

You must return any products in new condition with all packaging and materials. We will refund the purchase price of the products (minus the direct costs of returning the products) within three to five days of the date of cancellation. Regrettably we do not refund any shipping fees when applicable to a cooling-off period request.

Defective products.

Defective products are those that had a defect or were unsafe when we supplied them. A defect usually means that the products were manufactured using materials, components or workmanship below an acceptable standard. You must prove that products are defective.

Statutory right to return unsuitable products.

Our customer that is also a consumer under the CPA may return products within ten days of delivery if they could not examine them before delivery and then discover that the products are not what they ordered or expected or are not suitable for a specific purpose that they communicated to us in writing.

Returns of unsuitable products.

A consumer must return unsuitable products to any Animal Kingdom store within ten days of delivery according to our returns and refunds procedure below. We may inspect the products to confirm that they are defective, or in case of unsuitable opened products, that quantities used seem reasonable.

Procedure for returns to other suppliers.

Customers of other suppliers (such as major retail chains) must return defective or unsuitable products directly to that supplier. Customers must use the correct returns procedure. Please contact the customer us of the relevant supplier for details of their returns procedures.

Delivery costs.

Delivery costs are excluded from the returns procedure as good needs to be returned to any Animal Kingdom store.

Delivery costs.

Delivery costs are excluded from the returns procedure as good needs to be returned to any Animal Kingdom store.


Warranties and Refunds

Our products warranty.

We warrant that all our products are new and of good quality unless we clearly describe them as used or reconditioned or as having specific defects.

Statutory products warranty for six months.

We warrant all our new products against any defects for six months of normal use, from the time we supplied the products. This is the statutory warranty in terms of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008 (the CPA).

Statutory compensation.

We will repair or replace any defective products that you return to us during the six-month statutory warranty. Returns must follow our returns procedure below.

Choice of compensation.

Any customer that is also a consumer under the CPA may decide whether we should either replace or refund the defective products. We will decide how to compensate any of our other customers.

Invalidation of warranties and right to return unsuitable products.

Warranties on any of our products will be invalid if any person who is not suitably qualified has opened, tampered with or altered the products contrary to the instructions or removed the warranty label.

This also applies to products found to be unsuitable. It may be fraud to damage products deliberately to claim a refund.

Refund of price of unsuitable products.

We will refund the full price of any unsuitable products in their original unopened packaging. For opened products, we may deduct or charge a reasonable amount for any use of the products plus certain costs necessary for repackaging and restocking, subject to the CPA. These costs are usually up to 25% of the cost of the products.


Click and Collect

Currently we only offer Click and Collect services from our stores.