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April 2, 2024

We carry a large selection of cat beds, scratches, toys, food and designer collars.
Your New Kitten or cat shopping list:


Kittens need a good quality kitten food which they must eat for the first year of their life. We recommend Royal Canin kitten kibble. Kittens older than six weeks don’t need to drink milk, water is just fine.

Cats need a food that will suit their lifestyle. We stock a wide range of top quality foods including; Royal Canin, Acana, Orijen, PROPAC, Earthborn Holistic, Montego and Complete.


You will need a flat dish for food and a dish for water. We stock a large range of bowls from plastic to stainless steel and different shapes and sizes including double diners.

Litterbox, Litter, fresheners and scoop.

Litter boxes come in different sizes and shapes, from the plain boxes to the rimmed, sifting type and hooded ones which are all less messy. The choices of cat litter are the traditional thycor type, clumping, eco-litter which is wood based and corn-cob based and silica crystals. We recommend the clumping and silica type as they are a lot more economical in the long run, as you only throw the clumps away and more hygienic as they absorb the urine into clumps as well. You will need a scoop with all the types of litter to remove the faeces and urine clumps.


Cats love to sleep so make it as comfortable as possible for them. We stock a range of beds, blankets and tents from Rogz, RuffRaff, Red Dog Dezign, Dogs Life, Dog Days and Orientpet. It all depends on your felines’ preferences.


Grooming is something you should start early in your cats’ life so they get used to been touched with brushes and grooming equipment. As they get older they might not want to be brushed or cleaned as much and they might scratch and bite you if they are not used to being groomed. We stock a wide range of brushes, including the Furminator, slicker brushes, combs with rolling teeth, matt breakers and rubber gloves.  Slicker brushes work well for medium to long coats they help to remove dead, loose hair so that the hair doesn’t clump together. You can use rubber gloves on short hair cats. They help to disperse natural oils into the coat and to remove all the dead loose hair, so you will have less hair on your clothes and furniture. Combs with rolling teeth help with removing knots with less pain for your cat.

Flea products

Fleas are a life-long problem. Even if you buy a kitten that has no fleas you should still buy flea products. Flea eggs can lay in suspension for months before hatching so be sure you are always taking precautions, even if you just keep on spraying your house. Fleas are the number one cause of internal parasites so it’s important for their health. We stock a wide range of tick and flea products including Fiprotec, Frontline, Bio-kill, Seresto Collars, Ultrum powder and Ultrum shampoo. Unless the product says you may do so, don’t use flea products on kittens under six weeks or pregnant/nursing mothers.

Stain and odour remover

Your product for removing stains must also neutralize the smell not just hide it. Cats like most animals tend to come back to the same spot to go to the toilet and they can tell which spot it is by smelling it. So by removing the smell your cat won’t use the same spot again and soon will learn to use the litter box. We stock a wide range of Kyron products and Simple Solutions products to assist in cleaning the accidents.


Our selection of balls, ropes, fishing rods, fur mice, squeakers, rollers and so much more is enough to excite any feline. We have a whole range of toys full of catnip. The effect of catnip doesn’t really affect kittens until they are about a year old.


They save your furniture and cats love to destroy them, which is a good thing. If a cat destroys the cat scratcher, that means it’s a happy cat. We have range of scratchers in all different designs and sizes.

Collars, Harnesses and leads

You need to make sure your cats collar is a safety collar, which is a collar that has some sort of elasticity to it. This is to prevent your cat from being caught by a branch or something else and harming themselves. Most cat collars come with a bell which helps to chase birds away from a hunting cat. Harnesses are the easiest method to teach your cat to walk on a lead as they will pull from their chest and not their throats.

Travelling carriers

It’s a good thing to invest in a carrier early on as you will use it for your cat’s whole life; trips to the vet, boarding catteries or holidays. We have a range of plastic and soft material ones.


Spoil your cat with some delectable treats. We stock various ranges including Orijen freeze dried treats, Greenies and Nibbles.

What Your Kitten will need from you:

Cat Bill of Rights

  1. Every cat deserves to be treated always with respect, compassion and concern for his/her quality of life.
  2. Every cat deserves a clean living environment. Litter boxes should be scooped regularly and the box must be dumped and cleaned thoroughly at least once a week.
  3. Every cat deserves access to appropriate hiding areas and perches.
  4. All cats need to maintain their familiar scents in their living environments. Their bedding should accompany them when they move to a different location and should only be discarded when it is dirty.
  5. All cats deserve to interact with other cats in a real life environment and should be provided that opportunity regularly, unless the cat does not like other cats.
  6. All kittens deserve to be socialized frequently with people and, when medically cleared, with other felines.
  7. All cats deserve play time with interactive toys at least twice a day for 10 minutes. Appropriate toys such as scratching posts, mice, soft toys, etc., should be in their living environments at all times.
  8. Every cat deserves to be handled, petted, brushed, or groomed daily and have their nails clipped at minimum once a month to ensure continued sociability and to decrease stress.
  9. Every cat deserves to be fed nutritious, appropriately portioned food and clean water every day. Overfeeding can result in medical difficulties.
  10. All cats MUST NEVER be screamed at, treated roughly in any way, or scared when doing routine tasks such as cleaning, closing cages, or vacuuming.
  11. Every cat deserves to receive a thorough veterinary exam at least once year, to be spay/neutered and micro-chipped when required, and to receive the necessary medical, preventive and health maintenance care of the highest veterinary standard.

Patience/ Attention

Kittens are very playful so will need a lot of attention and patience while they are exploring there new surroundings.

Common Sense

  • Make sure your kitten knows where there litter box is and that they are able to get into it.
  • Try and leave there food and water in the same place so they know where to go.
  • Don’t let your kitten out side on there own because they might get lost, stuck under something or even worse, hurt them self’s.
  • Don’t feed your kitten adult cat food it’s to rich for them and will upset there stomach’s.

Vet Trip

If you buy your kitten from a pet shop you will more than likely have to have it inoculated your self. It’s good to have a complete check up the first time you take you kitten to the vet. They will inoculate and deworm your kitten on there first visit. Make an effort to talk to your vet about having your kitten neutered or spayed. There are so many unwanted cats in all the shelters so it’s best to have them fixed as soon as possible.


Give your kitten lots of love and they will be the best companion ever.

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