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April 2, 2024

We carry an impressive range of goods for your dog / puppy, everything from food, beds, collars, leads, clothes, treats, carriers, toys and grooming equipment and a whole range of things you would never even think of.

Your new Puppy/ Dog shopping list:


PRO PAC® Performance Puppy is designed for puppies from weaning until 12 months of age and is also excellent for pregnant or nursing dogs. A growing puppy needs twice the amount of nutrients as an adult dog. The increased level of nutrients in Performance Puppy provides extra calories for energy and growth, and more protein to form muscles, organs and strong bones. PRO PAC® Performance Puppy is made from quality ingredients such as chicken meal and chicken fat which assures that your active puppy will receive proper nutrition for growth and development. PRO PAC® Performance Puppy is naturally preserved, contains no by-products, and is 100% guaranteed

PRO PAC® Adult Chunk and Mini Chunk Superpremium formulas are specially designed for the normally active adult dog. The use of high quality chicken meal as the primary ingredient combined with high quality chicken fat makes PRO PAC® Adult Chunk and Mini Chunk formulas highly palatable and easy to digest. PRO PAC®’s Superpremium nutrients provide for strong bones, excellent muscle tone, a shiny coat and firm, consistent stools. Both PRO PAC® Adult Chunk and Mini Chunk formulas share the same complete nutritional content, contain no by-products, and are naturally preserved and 100% guaranteed.

These are just two examples of the PRO PAC range that we stock for more information on the range you can click on the PRO PAC link. www.propacpetfood.com

Dog Bowls

You will need two bowls for your dog. One for water and one for food. It’s important to give each dog their own food bowl, they can however share the water bowl. We have a whole range of dog bowls in stainless steal, plastic and ceramic. Stainless steal is the most hygienic and wont get chewed. We have standard, puppy, double diners and spaniel bowls in all sizes.


You need to start early with your puppy so they get used to been brushed and having their ears and other parts of their body looked at, this will help later if you need to take them to the vet. Medium to long haired dogs need a slicker brush which helps to get tangles and loose fur out. Short haired dogs also need to be brushed and rubber or glove brushes are great for getting all their loose hair out. We have the karlie range of brushes for every dog/ puppy you can think off. Nail clippers, tooth brushes/finger brushes, wipes and towels should also be purchased.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Make sure you only use puppy shampoo on your puppy and dog shampoo on your adult dogs. The bottles will state which is for which. Human shampoo is not suitable for dogs and can irritate their skin.


You don’t have to spend a lot on your pup’s first bed; a blanket and cushion will be fine at first and then later when your dog is fully grown you can invest in a quality bed. We have a range of plastic base beds which are great for those dogs who chew their beds.

Flea/ Tick Products

Fleas are a life long problem so even if you buy a puppy that has no fleas you should still buy flea products. Flea eggs can lay in suspension for months before hatching so be sure you are always taking precautions even if you just keep on spraying your house. Fleas are the number one cause of internal parasites so it’s important for their health that you take as many precautions as possible. We stock a range of flea sprays (Biokill), Pour-ons (Bob Martins), Shampoos and Powders. Unless the product clearly states otherwise, don’t use flea products on pup’s under six weeks or pregnant/nursing mothers.


Toys are meant to be played with and eventually destroyed so be sure to keep an eye on your puppy so they don’t swallow squeakers and pieces of their toys. We have a range of squeaky, rubber, rope, fleecy, soft and hard toys for pups/dogs big or small.


Puppies can start off with inexpensive equipment at first as they grow so fast and you will have to replace it probably twice before they are fully grown. Chokers should only be worn when you are walking your dog as they are not safe to leave on when you are not around in case they get hooked on something. Ask our staff the proper way to put a choke chain on. Harnesses are great for starting to train a dog to walk on a lead as they pull from the stomach and not the neck. They are also great for those dogs that love to pull. Retractable leads are really great for giving your dog the freedom to run off but still letting you have control of them.

We stock the full range of Rogz equipment and the Karlie range.

Stain and Odour remover

Your product for removing stains must also neutralize the smell not just hide it. Dogs, like most animals, tend to return to the same spot to go to the toilet and they can tell which spot it is by smelling it. So by removing the smell your dog won’t use the same spot again and soon will become house trained.

House Training

It’s very important to start house training your puppy from the word go. We have house training pads and house training liquid to make life a lot easier. You put the pads near where the puppy sleeps at first with the liquid on it, so when the pup wakes up it will smell the area and be stimulated through smell to go to the loo on the pad. Once the puppy is going to the loo on the pad you can start to move it closer and closer to the door and eventually you can put it out side. Every time you see your pup is going to go to the toilet either pick it up and take it out side or to the training pad. Make sure to make a huge fuss when they get it right and just let them no in a firm voice when they get it wrong. Your pup will soon learn and this will make life with a dog in your home enjoyable.

Treats and Chews

Treats are a great reward when training a puppy. We have a selection of chews, biscuits and special chocolates designed for dogs. Giving your dogs rawhide to chew will satisfy their urge to constantly chew things.

Travel Cages

We stock a range of metal and plastic carriers to transport your dog. We also have material bags to carry your toy dogs on your shoulder for short trips.


We have breed specific books and general books on how to keep and train your dog.


We have dog jerseys, track suits and coats for your dog when the weather is a bit nippy.


Come in and see our range of local and important kennels. Plastic kennels are more hygienic than wood kennels and are a lot easier to clean, as well as being cool in summer and keep the heat in winter.

What your Puppy will need from you:


Be patient with your new family member and remember they will learn from experience and repetition.

Common Sense

  • Only punish your puppy for something they have done if you catch them doing it, they will then soon learn what is right and wrong. Use a firm NO if they are wrong, so they will learn the word NO.
  • When they do something right be sure to praise them in the proper tone and to reward them with love, hugs and even better a treat.
  • When they wake up take them outside, puppies will always want to go to the loo after sleeping.
  • Don’t let them jump up and run up and down stairs to much when they are puppies as their bones are developing.
  • Socializing your puppy when they are young with lots of people/children and other dogs will get them used to different situations. So when they are older they won’t get freaked out if a child or another dog visits.
  • Training your puppy is always a good idea even if it’s just a basic puppy socializing class to learn the basics like sit, stay, come etc.
  • Don’t feed your puppy/adult dog food or table scraps. If you train them from the word go they won’t beg. Changing your puppy’s diet will also upset their stomach so try not to while you are housebreaking them.
  • Don’t make a fuss of your pup in front of your other animals as they will recent the new puppy. Make a fuss of everyone.

Vet Trip

Find your vet straight away. Your first trip out with your puppy should be to the vet. They can check that your puppy is totally healthy, give them their inoculations if they haven’t been done yet and deworm them. Remember that vaccinations take 7 to 10 days to start working so don’t introduce your dog to any other dogs until the vaccinations take effect. You can also make a point of talking about when the best time to have your dog fixed would be as well.

Love and Understanding

Understand your puppy is for life, the puppy’s life, so know from the start it is a big responsibility . Give him love and understanding and he will bring you happiness and pleasure through all of his life .

Remember you don’t always have to buy that cute puppy in the pet shop window. There are plenty of abandoned puppies and dogs in the animal shelters that will give you just as much pleasure.

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