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April 2, 2024

We carry a wide selection of birds that are all bred locally. All our parrots are hand-raised – mostly by ourselves – so we know they will make excellent pets.

We import our own range of cages so we can give you the best prices and selection.

We stock everything your bird will need: fresh seed, food, treats, ailment medicines, perches, toys, stands, nests, bowls, swings, ladders, books and much more.

Here are some important principles to which we adhere:

  • In line with conservation guidelines Animal Kingdom will only keep birds (and other animals) that have been captivity bred.
  • We always try to source our animals from trusted breeders that adhere to ethical practices.
  • Animals are not manufactured items so they cannot be ordered on demand. Their breeding is affected by various factors such as season or climatic changes.
  • With some species only one or two might be available during a breeding season.

Our hand-reared birds

Animal Kingdom is a pet shop, so we keep birds that are destined to become pets. Although breeders will occasionally buy from us to import new blood into their breeding stock, our primary aim is to supply pets to people.

We do a lot of hand-rearing of birds in-store. We buy them at an appropriate age and then hand-feed them until they are ready to go to new homes. This normally results in a much tamer bird that is used to being handled by people.

Our selection of birds for sale


  • Normal budgies
  • Show budgies


  • White cockatiels
  • Pied cockatiels
  • Grey cockatiels
  • White face cockatiels
  • Cinnamon cockatiels
  • Pearl cockatiels


  • Blue mask lovebird
  • Yellow fisher lovebird
  • Green fisher lovebird
  • Black mask lovebird
  • White fisher lovebird
  • Rosy face lovebird
  • Peach face lovebirds


  • Zebra finches
  • Bengalese finches


  • Red factor canary
  • Yellow canary
  • Frill canary
  • Gloster canary
  • Border canary
  • Yorkshire

Parrots (hand raised):

  • African greys
  • Cockatoos
  • Conures
  • Lorikeets
  • Blue and gold macaws

These are just some of the birds of which we try to keep a regular supply. We do however have a bigger variety than this from time to time.

Bird accessories and bird food

Animal Kingdom also stocks a large range of cages and bird accessories. Our cages come in a variety of sizes to suit birds from as small as a finch to as large as a macaw.

We carry one of the largest ranges of parrot toys in Gauteng, made from sekelbos or perspex.

Perches, mineral blocks, mirrors and ladders are also a small part of our range.

There is a large range of breed-specific seeds and parrot foods to choose from. Our bird food range includes well-known brands like Versele Laga and Aviplus, as well as an extensive range for the more budget conscious.

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