KYRON Ultrum Duration Flea Spray 350ml


KYRON Ultrum Duration Flea Spray 350ml


Ultrum is a long-lasting flea prevention aerosol for the environment with up to 180 days of protection against reinfestation.
The Ultrum Duration Tick & Flea Control can be used on carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding, crevices in the floor, etc. Who knew becoming your homes very own pest controller could be so effortless.

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If you see 5 fleas on your dog, you can be sure there are at least 95 fleas and their eggs hiding in the pet’s bedding, in your carpets and in your furniture. And when you treat your dog for fleas, remember that the flea eggs in your household will hatch and infest him again. ULTRUM® Duration clears flea infestations: just spray pet’s bedding, carpets, furniture, floor-cracks etc with ultra-long-acting ULTRUM® Duration.

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