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Ultra Cat Optimal Balance for senior cats – 2kg


Ultra Cat Optimal Balance Senior cat food gives your 7+ year old cat all they need for living out their best life as a senior. The high-quality proteins and lower fat content ensure your older cat’s lean muscle and their ideal bodyweight are maintained in their golden years.
Your senior cat may not show any signs of slowing down, but their immune system will have to work harder to keep illness at bay, and their muscles and joints need more support. Ultra Cat Optimal Balance Senior cat food is a nutritionally balanced, high-quality cat food made with the awareness in mind that senior cats’ nutritional needs change as they age. The same high-quality ingredients can be expected from this Optimal Balance variety – including fresh meat for a heathy protein source. This recipe for senior cats was developed by Ultra Cat’s in-house experts to ensure your golden oldie gets only the best for his/her energy and health needs. Ultra Cat Optimal Balance also tastes delicious, so your purry-furry friend will keep coming back for more! This is a premium brand of cat food that is vet recommended. It is locally produced and thus highly affordable.

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