Shoo Fly Ointment 50g


Shoo Fly Ointment 50g


Animal Kingdom Pet store brings you the KYRON range of medical items for your dog.

The Shoo-fly Ointment is not only a fly repellent, but it also serves as a sunscreen protecting your dog from the harsh rays of our sun.
Biting flies like to attack open wounds, ear tips and any cuts on your dog or horse’s body. Where the biting is not stopped or prevented, the wounds can become infected and even more flies come in and join on the feast. This, in turn, increases infection and that does not spell good news for your animal. Shoo-fly ointment will relieve and protect your dog or horse from biting flies. It repels them for days and is safe to use and smells nice. This ointment also contains sunscreen.

Can be used on the ears of you dog.

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