Royal Canin FHN Indoor Adult 27 4kg


Royal Canin FHN Indoor Adult 27 4kg


Animal Kingdom Pet store brings you the ROYAL CANINE range of kibbles for Cats.

Indoor Cat Food is a specially formulated dry cat food for adult cats who have an indoor lifestyle.
Royal Canin Feline Indoor 27 will help to contain stool odours and controls weight in sedate indoor adult cats between 1 and 7 years old.
Odour Reduction – Highly digestible, Indoor 27 reduces stool odour by lowering production of hydrogen sulphide; this gas, which emanates from faecal matter, is known to be unusually smelly.
Hairball Regulation – Stimulates intestinal transit and the elimination of ingested hairs thanks to a combination of non-fermentable and fermentable fibres.
Youth Complex 500/200 – A complex of synergistic antioxidants (green tea polyphenols and high concentrations of vitamins E and C) that helps keep your cat young by combating the attack of free radicals responsible for cellular damage.
Optimal Calorie Control – Provides an ideal balance between the food’s energy supply and your cat’s energy expenditure, concerning its lifestyle and level of activity.
Tartar control – Improves oral hygiene by deducing the occurrence of tartar deposits on your cat’s teeth.
Hairball System – Stimulates the elimination of hairs from the intestines and reduces the risk of hairball formation.

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