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Montego Bags O’ Wags Chicken Sticks


Chicky Chewies. Juicy Chicken Sticks. It’s an irresistible and nutritional snack that can’t but give your dog a wagging tail. It’s the perfect supplement to any Montego diet.

The Bags O’ Wags range has a treat for even the most finicky dog. Chewies are for those that just want to chew on something tasty.

It’s made of real meat for bio-release and the maximum absorption of nutrients. Bags O’ Wags Chewies Chicken Sticks is a healthy reward for good behaviour, encouragement to exercise or just a snack in between meals. They are all different, but one thing is for sure – they are all Delicious!

When giving your furry friend a treat always match the treat to your dog’s size, preferences or personality. You must limit the number of treats you are giving your friend. Certain treats will go down a lot quicker than others, and these treats can add a lot of calories. The general rule is the smaller the dog, the fewer the treats.

Ingredients include:

Cereals, meat derivatives (min 14% chicken liver), cereal derivatives, humectants, flavourants, minerals, preservatives, antioxidants, food colourants.


Humectants: a substance used to reduce the loss of moisture.

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