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MEDPET Revive – energy and stress tonic 50ml


MEDPET REVIVE Energy and stress tonic for optimal nutrition and performance.

A concentrated liquid containing Vitamins, Trace Elements, Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Amino Acids, Prebiotics, Nucleotides and Energy from Specialised Fatty Acids.

Bio-available, balanced, water-soluble liquid for optimal health.
Can be used as a nutritional and energy boost for dogs, cats and other small animals.
Aids in recovery after stressful events.
Helps regain strength and replenish energy.
Contains Nucleotides which aids gut health and boosts immunity
Aids where Vitamin deficiency is detected.
Ideal for use:

after deworming
after antibiotic use
after vaccination
during disease challenges
after exercise
for weak/sick and/or newly born animals as a booster

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