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FEELGOOD Allergiclear 60 capsules



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Animal Kingdom Pet store is proud to bring you FEELGOOD HEALTH products for pets. A natural remedy.

Natural treatment for dog and cat allergies, including itch skin conditions
Reduces and prevents the symptoms of allergic dermatitis, flea bite dermatitis or inhaled allergens such as grass or pollen
Reduces and prevents food & chemical allergies
Decreases or eliminates dependence on & side effects of cortisone and antihistamine drugs
Improve your pet’s overall resistance against allergens and support the immune system
Blocks the allergic reaction to allergens by preventing the release of histamine
Soothes and improves the health and functioning of mucous membranes
Reduces susceptibility to contact dermatitis from grass, pollen and outside allergy triggers
What causes allergies in pets?
Your pet is just as susceptible to allergy triggers as you are! Even more so as they spend a lot of time outside! Main allergy culprits include pollen, plant spores, and even pollutants in the form of chemicals in the air and detergents used in the home and garden. But by far the worst allergy trigger is the saliva of a single flea! This causes a vicious cycle of itching and licking which quickly turns into full blown flea bite dermatitis! If your dog or cat’s immune system is strong and healthy, it can ward off the reaction to these allergy triggers, but this is not always the case…

Normally your pet’s immune system will ignore particles entering the body such as pollen, house dust, etc. In many pets though, the immune system identifies flea saliva, grass and pollen as being dangerous to the system. This triggers a release of a substance called histamine, as well as other inflammatory compounds in the animal body, which cause an allergic reaction most noticeable on the skin. In some pets the mucous membranes of the nose and respiratory tract are also affected.

Symptoms of flea bite dermatitis & allergies in cats & dogs
Your pet licks or scratches at his skin and paws a lot
Red patches on the coat (hair may also be missing)
Wet or scaly areas that weep clear fluid
Biting around the base of the tail or rubbing stomach raw
Your pet rubs himself on furniture or carpets for relief
Your pet seems listless and tired
There may be sneezing and wheezing (in the case of air born allergies)
Conventional treatment of allergies in pets
Vets usually treat pet allergies supportively and with antihistamine and cortisone drugs which can block the release of histamine and therefore reduce or prevent the allergic reaction. The drugs may be short acting or long acting and come in tablets, or injections. Many vets suggest that their animal patients use cortisone and antihistamines to address allergies as well as to reduce symptoms. The vet will also work together with pet owners to build systemic health by looking at factors like pet lifestyle, nutrition, diet and exercise and surroundings in order to reduce allergies and maintain a healthier lifestyle for the animal in question.

Antihistamines or cortisone can be very effective and many pets with severe allergies are dependant on them. However, as always, the advantages of any medication should always be weighed against its disadvantages. Cortisone can also cause unwanted side effects and even make allergies worse in some cases. Furthermore, cortisone use over the long term can also put various body systems under pressure, especially the adrenal glands, so speak carefully with your vet before embarking on any medication.

AllergiClear Pets contains the following natural ingredients:

Quercitin is a well known flavonoid considered to be a ‘building block’ for other flavanoids. Flavonoids are important and powerful anti-oxidants found in fruits, vegetables and herbs and can also reduce inflammation, boost immunity, strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation. Quercitin is known for its ability to block the release of histamine, thereby preventing allergy symptoms like itchiness, sneezing or watery eyes and nose. Other benefits include reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and cataracts, anticancer properties and the ability to promote stable blood sugar levels.
Euphrasia officials (Eyebright) has been used since the Middle Ages to reduce eye inflammations. It may be used topically, but is very beneficial taken internally to reduce itchiness caused by allergies. Other benefits include the maintenance of good vision and eye health in animals.
Silica (6C) a biochemic tissue salt which has an excellent effect on skin health from within. This is an excellent ingredient included in the remedy to address itchy skin or sores from scratching.
Nat. Mur. D6 – a biochemic tissue salt which has an excellent effect in reducing and preventing runny nose and other conditions linked to inflamed and watery mucus membranes.
Kali Mur. D6 – a biochemic tissue salt with a wonderful soothing decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to prevent the secondary infections of allergic rhinitis (such as respiratory tract infections). Regular use of Kali Mur is also beneficial in improving liver functioning, as a glandular tonic and to strengthen blood and nerve tissue.
Calc Fluor (6C) this cell salt aids conditions resulting from immune system distress (as is the case during an allergic reaction). This biochemical tissue salt can help to promote energy when your animal is lethargic from allergies.
Calc Phos (6C) Calc. phos. has a strong affinity with bone growth and repair of the cells in the body. It has also been used to aid recuperation after chronic illness and also for nutritional disorders and malabsorption in puppies.


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