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AnimalZone Parrot Muesli 1kg


The Animalzone Muesli for Parrots and Parakeets contains specially formulated ingredients to ensure that your birds have the best bird food to ensure a healthy diet.

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If you are looking for something healthy that your Parrots and Parakeets will enjoy, then the AnimalZone Muesli bird food is the best bird food you can invest in.

With a mixture of rolled grains, roasted peanuts, dried fruit and vegetables, seeds and maize, the AnimalZone Muesli Bag is filled with the right kind of nutrients and flavour your Parrots and Parakeets will enjoy.

The mixture of ingredients makes the AnimalZone Muesli ideal to be either used as bird food or bird treats. Parrots and Parakeets are known to enjoy hard kibbles such as seeds and peanuts, and the sweetness of the dried fruit will keep them coming back for more.

To serve, simply fill your Parrot or Parakeet’s bowl with the recommended amount of feed and ensure they have enough drinking water. To avoid avian diabetes in your Parrots and Parakeets, make sure you do not feed them more than the recommended amount.

The AnimalZone Muesli is ideal for an everyday diet and contains the right amount of nutrients and minerals for your Parrots and Parakeets to grow strong and healthy.

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