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Animalzone Parrot Food Natural 1kg


Animalzone Parrot Food Natural is a balanced diet for parrots.

It is the most natural balanced bird food available on the market. With modern technology all grains are first roasted, thereafter milled and shaped with a cold process. All additives like vitamins, amino acids, spirulina, anti-oxidants, etc. are not exposed to high temperatures. This modern technology increases digestibility even more than with extruded products. The palatability is improved with the addition of dried vegetables and the natural nutty taste and smell of the roasted grains. The pellets are made to a size the parrots like.

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Directions for use

Parrot Food Natural can be used as the only source of food or in combination with Parrot Muesli and fresh fruit and vegetables. Make sure that 60% of your bird’s total daily intake consists of a balanced diet.

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