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Waterlife Algazin P


Waterlife Algizin P quickly kills blanket weed in garden ponds – usually within 1 week.
Safe with fish, plants and filtration bacteria.
250ml treats 18000 litres

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Notes: To clear green / brown water, use Waterlife’s Algizin G 24 hours before using Algizin P. Remove the majority of the blanket weed prior to treatment, to reduce the amount of dead algae decaying in the pond. Leave biological filtration running. Switch off u.v. sterilizers and remove carbon and / or ammonia removers. Resume after 72 hours. Contains colour dye, avoid contact with skin, clothes and furnishings. Aerate the water during use.
To calculate a square pond capacity:
For litres – (L x W x D) in cms and divide by 1000. Allow for water displaced by slopes, shelves etc.
Directions: Tighten cap & shake bottle. Use the cup to measure the correct dose. Add to a clean watering can and fill with water. Sprinkle over the pond surface.
Do not overdose.
Frequency of treatment: Repeat initial dosage after 4 days if required. Once clear of algae, redose every 4 – 6 weeks during algae growing season, or as soon as algae begins to reappear.

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