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Royal Canin SHN Giant Junior 15kg


The growth cycle of a giant dog is very sensitive and needs careful control. Dogs who will weigh more than 45 kg in adulthood have different and particular nutritional needs as they grow. Royal Canin specially formulated a kibble targeted at the giant junior between 8 months and 18 – 24 months old. The formula is adapted to suit their growth at this specific age. Royal Canin Giant Junior promotes strong muscles and healthy joints, with L.I.P proteins for high digestibility.

The kibble of Royal Canin Giant Junior was formulated to help junior giants in their second growth stage to develop healthy, strong muscles. The kibble is highly palatable and contains high-quality protein, energy and balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus for joints and bone consolidation. Royal Canin Giant Junior also includes manno-oligosaccharides for better immunity.

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Weight 15.000 kg

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