PROBONO Biskitty with salmon


PROBONO Biskitty with salmon


Introducing our delicious Biskitty cat treats brought to you by Probono.
Cat treats so nice they’ll come back twice.
Introducing our delicious Biskitty biscuit treats for your kitties! With our Chicken or Tuna flavoured biscuit treats, your cat is sure to be meowing for more.
All our biscuits are:
Protein-Rich crunchy treats
For a soft and shiny coat
For a strong immune system
Colourant and sugar-free
Includes no artificial flavours or preservatives
And is rich in Taurine that maintains heart and eye health.
In other words… there are NO NASTIES inside!
Biskitty is available in a wide range of flavours, such as:
Fresh Breath
* Our Biskitty tuna treats are a guaranteed winner with your kitty cat! Biskitty
treats are created with care, sorted and packed with love.
* Your cat will love our chicken flavour biscuit treats, a tasty biscuit that will leave
your cat wanting more!
* All cats love a little dose of catnip, and we’ve got the perfect treat for your kitty!
CATNIP BISCUITS! Do we need to say more?
* Does your cat LOVE salmon? We’ve just launched our Salmon Flavoured
Treats.It is sure to be a hit and have your cat meowing for more.
We’re happy to introduce our latest cat treat flavour, fresh breath. With a minty
after taste, your cat will love every bite.
Not only do our biscuits keep your cat’s breath fresh all day long, but our treats
are also healthy and have NO NASTIES inside!

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