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Petstages Crunch Veggie Pepper


Make sure your dog gets his veggies with this Petstages Veggie Pepper Dog Toy. Sure, it’s not a real pepper, but it certainly provides that satisfying crunch! This toy is designed to satisfy your sidekick’s natural chewing instincts with a fun texture and sound to go along with it. The inner core is extra durable to help stand up to repeated play, unlike water bottle alternatives. Petstages Crunch Veggie Pepper Dog Toy is paw-fect for both indoor and outdoor use!

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This pepper dog toy is designed to satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts.
Delivers a fun crunchy sound and texture to entice your pup.
The durable inner core is designed to stand up to plenty of play.
A modern alternative to water bottles.
Great for indoor and outdoor play sessions.

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