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Outward Hound fun feeder Regular Purple


Some dogs feel that eating has to be a race! Slow them down by 10x with this slow feeder. The slow feeder has ridges and mazes that will make them eat slower and it can be a bit of a game with them.

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When a dog eats too quickly, it swallows too much air. This can cause upset stomach, vomiting, regurgitating or having a lot of gas. More serious risk of choking, digestive problems and canine obesity.

Dogs with deeper chests, like the boxer, boerboel or dachshund, who eat their food quickly are at higher risk of developing bloat, also known as GDV (Gastric Dilation Volvulus). This is a life-threatening condition. Gas builds up in the dog’s stomach and can not be released. As the gas accumulates, the stomach swells and twists. This can happen in any type of dog, but more frequently in deep-chested dogs.

This can be avoided with the Fun Feeder. Not only does it slow your dog down but it can also be foraging fun for your dog. The Fun Feeder is like a treat dispenser; your dog has to find the food between the ridges and mazes.

Key Benefits of the Fun Feeder:

Promotes fun, healthy eating

Helps prevent bloat, regurgitation and canine obesity.

Features non-slip base to hold the bowl in place

Top rack dishwasher safe

Available in three colours: Purple, Orange and teal. Each has a different pattern.

Made with high-quality, food-safe material

BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.

Holds up to 4 cups of food.

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