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Juwel bioplus fine large filter media


The Juwel bioPlus fine is a fine-pored filter sponge that is an essential component of the Juwel filter system.

Juwel Bioflow filters are equipped with a highly efficient and whisper-quiet Eccoflow circulation pump, the performance of which is matched to the size of the filter system according to scientific criteria. The Bioflow filters are also prepared for the admission of the Juwel heaters, which are thus optimally integrated into the water cycle and ensure even heat distribution in all areas of your aquarium. The Bioflow filter system does not require any performance-reducing hose connections, which are often the cause of leaks. The Bioflow system is the safest way to filter the water in the aquarium.

Each Bioflow system is equipped with five high-quality filter media. In the 7th place are the fine filter sponges, which are primarily used for biological filtering in the anaerobic area and are therefore an essential part of the Juwel filter system. You can easily replace the sponges. The fine pore structure offers a very large surface and ensures a slow and even flow. This makes it particularly suitable for filtering in the anaerobic area. The open pores of the Juwel filter sponge are reached without the use of chemicals and are therefore residue-free.

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