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Hills Science Plan Feline Adult Hairball Indoor Chicken


Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Feline Adult Hairball Indoor Chicken is for cats with an indoor lifestyle. Formulated with clinically proven antioxidants, lean proteins and enhanced Omega 3s.
Key Benefits:
Low in fat and calories for ideal body weight.
Natural Fibre Technology to reduce hairball formation.
Less stool odour.

  • 3KG
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You must have noticed that your cat if they are not sleeping, they are grooming. This means your cat is swallowing large quantities of hair, which may form hairballs in the gut and results in vomiting the much-dreaded hairball. Very unpleasant for you and your cat.

Hill’s Science Plan Hairball Indoor Adult Cat has bee specially developed to help your adult cat. The food contains innovative fibre technology that will help support the digestive tract and encourage the movement of hairs through the system. High-quality protein and adapted fat content which is perfect for less active indoor cats.

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